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Lyrics of Freegan

Well I?d club a baby seal
But you know I won?t ingest it
I?d tell my vegan girlfriend
You know I wouldn?t suggest it
Well all my shoes are leather
And I don?t care whether or not
If all the cute little animals were to be shot
Were to be shot
Consider someone else, stop preaching about animals

Bueno, yo? Club d una foca bebé
Pero usted sabe que ganó? T lo ingieren
I? D decirle a mi novia vegano
Usted sabe que nadie note t que sugieren
Bueno todos mis zapatos son de cuero
Y yo no? Importa si o no
Si todos los animalitos lindos iban a ser fusilados
Iban a ser fusilados
Considere la posibilidad de otra persona, dejar de predicar acerca de los animales


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