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Charmless Man by Blur is part of the album "The Great Escape (album)" and comes under the genre Rock,General. It was released on 11 Sep 2006 under the label of VIRGIN. Copyright holded by (C) 2000 EMI Records Ltd This label copy information is the subject of copyright protection. All rights reserved. (C) 2000 EMI Records Ltd.

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Lyrics of Charmless Man

I met him in a crowded room
Where people go to drink away their gloom
He sat me down and so began
The story of a charmless man
Educated the expensive way
He knows his claret from his beaujolais
I think he'd like to have been Ronnie Kray
But then nature didn't make him that way

Lo conocí en una habitación llena de gente
Donde la gente va a tomar distancia de su tristeza
Me sentó y se puso tan
La historia de un hombre sin encanto

He thinks he's educated, airs those family shares
Will protect him, that we'll respect him
He moves in circles of friends who just pretend
That they like him, he does the same to them
And when you put it all together
There's the model of a charmless man

Educado la manera más económica
Él sabe que su clarete de su Beaujolais
Creo que le gustaría haber sido Ronnie Kray
Pero entonces la naturaleza no lo hacen de esa manera

He knows the singers and their cavalry
Says he can get in anywhere for free
I began to go a little cross-eyed
And from this charmless man I just had to hide

Se fue ....

He talks at speed he gets nosebleeds
He doesn't see his days are tumbling down upon him
And yet he tries so hard to please
He's just so keen for you to listen
But no-one's listening
And when you put it all together there's the model of a charmless man

Él cree que su educación se transmite
Estas acciones de la familia
Protegerá a él
Eso lo vamos a respetar
Se mueve en círculos de amigos
Que sólo pretenden
Que le gusta
Él hace lo mismo a ellos
Y cuando lo pones todo junto
No es el modelo de un hombre sin encanto


'Charmless Man' is a song by British band Blur and is the fourth track on their fourth studio album, 'The Great Escape'. It was released on 29 April 1996 as the fourth and final single from that album, charting at #5 in the UK Singles Chart (see 1996 in British music). The title is likely a play on the song 'This Charming Man' by British band The Smiths.

Speaking in December 1996, Damon Albarn said, 'Charmless Man was the end of something... it was the end of British pop. For us, anyway'. He also commented that the song would be suitable in a musical.

The inspiration for the song came from when Damon Albarn was visiting his grandmother in Lincolnshire. He stopped off at Grantham railway station and when inside the gentlemen's toilet, he noticed a piece of graffiti on a similar theme to the song's title.

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