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Leveling The Plane Of Existence por Abysmal Dawn viene en el género Hard Rock & Metal,General , Rock,General. Fue puesto en libertad 01 Feb 2011 bajo la etiqueta de Relapse Records. Derechos de autor retenidas por 2011 Relapse Records.

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Las letras de Leveling The Plane Of Existence

Endless seas of spontaneous generation

Extinction in the wake of the new dawn

Erosion of our species comes now in due time

Evolution at the cost of our own blood

Writhing in misery rapture comes now to us all

Hideous violent beings your decadence has come and gone


Worthless forms of life

Caught in the path of resistance

Your old order dies

We're leveling the plane of existence

Cleansing act of insidious evolution

Malignancy expunged now from this world

A new form of life – a new era has begun

Degradation the commencement of rebirth


The waters will rise and your cities will crumble

Washed away with the tide drift off into nothing

The winter arrives and then turns to fire

No one will survive you're compost for creation


Your old order dies!


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