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Las letras de Full Circle Song

Funny how the circle turns around
First your up and then your down again
Though the circle takes what it may give
Each time around it makes you live again

Es curioso cómo el círculo da la vuelta
En primer lugar y luego su teléfono de nuevo
Aunque el círculo toma lo que puede dar
Cada vez que te hace vivir de nuevo

Funny how the circle is a wheel
And it can steal someone who is a friend
Funny how the circle takes your flight
And if it's it right it brings you back again

Es curioso cómo el círculo es una rueda
Y puede robar a alguien que es un amigo
Es curioso cómo el círculo toma su vuelo
Y si es lo correcto que le trae de nuevo

Funny how the circle turns around
You think your lost and then you're found again
Though you always look for what you know
Each time around it's something new again

Es curioso cómo el círculo da la vuelta
Usted cree que su pérdida y, a continuación te encontré de nuevo
A pesar de que siempre busca lo que sabes
Cada vez es algo nuevo otra vez


'Full Circle Song' (aka 'Full Circle') is a song written by Gene Clark in 1972 that utilizes an allegorical wheel of fortune motif to comment on the unpredictable nature of fame and fortune. The song originally appeared in January 1973 on Clark's 'Roadmaster' album, which was initially released exclusively in Holland. 'Full Circle Song' was also included, in a re-recorded version, under the alternate title of 'Full Circle' on The Byrds' reunion album, 'Byrds', in March 1973. telling The Byrds' biographer, Johnny Rogan, that 'It wasn't really written about anything specific. It was just an idea I had.' For these sessions, Clark and record producer Chris Hinshaw assembled a top flight crew of L.A. studio musicians, including Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Clarence White, Byron Berline and Spooner Oldham, but progress on the proposed album was slow. Following the release of the reunion album, 'Full Circle' was issued as a single in the United States on April 11, 1973 (coupled with David Crosby's 'Long Live the King') but it only managed to reach #109 on the 'Billboard' chart. Oddly, the song was not released as a single in the United Kingdom for another two-and-a-half years, finally being issued on August 8, 1975 but failing to reach the UK Singles Chart. The song was covered by Dan Fogelberg on his 2003 album, 'Full Circle', and has also been recorded by Joe Algeri on his 'The Stockholm Years' album. In addition, 'Full Circle' was recorded by Walter Clevenger for the 2007 Byrds' tribute album, 'Timeless Flyte: A Tribute to The Byrds'.

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